How many years has the company existed already? has been operating since July 2019. It is a revolutionary new investment platform.
Does the company conduct official activities? has been registered in June 2019. The company’s registration number is 11822082. However, our active team has been operating in the area of trading since 2012.
What guarantees does the company provide to investors?
The company guarantees the safety of your investments and hourly, daily or monthly profit, according to the terms of the selected investment plan. All investments are subject to compulsory insurance in the country of the company’s registrar.


If I want to become an investor, how can I do this?
To become an investor of the company you need to pass an ordinary procedure of registration. You need to specify a login, a valid E-Mail, on which the confirmation of registration will be received. Specifying the password, it’s important to use complex combinations of letters, numbers and symbols, which will ensure the safety of your resources. Then read the Company’s rules and tick the check mark, in such way you agree and conclude an agreement with the company.
Can I create more than one account?
Every investor can register only one account. Creation of several accounts is not allowed and when discovered will be blocked.
Is the registration on the site free?
Yes, registration is absolutely free.
Is it possible to become an investor if I am less than 18 years old?
No, cooperation with the company is possible only with the age of majority.


If I forgot my password from my personal account, what should I do?
Use the Forgot Password feature. Follow all password recovery points. The new password will be sent to the e-mail you specified during the registration.
If I want to change the purse, to which I will withdraw money, how can I do it?
You can change the e-wallet number by changing it in the account area when logged in.
What do referrals mean?
These are investors invited by your referral link or by the link of your partners.
How do I enter my personal account?
To enter your personal account click on the Member Log In. In order to login you need to enter the login and password you specified at registration.


Is there a fee for opening a deposit?
We don’t charge any additional fees for replenishment, but it can be provided by the payment system that you use.
What payment systems can I use to open a deposit?
To open a deposit in USD, you can use the next payment systems: Perfect Money - Payeer – Bitcoin.
Can I open more than one deposit?
Yes, you can open multiple deposits.
Can I deposit from the account balance?
Depositing from account balance is not possible. You will have to withdraw the money and deposit again.
What is the minimum amount for the investment?
The minimum replenishment is $10.
Do you return the deposit amount?
No. Deposits are always included in the plan.
What is the validity period of the deposits?
Depending on the plan it can go from 1 day up to 7 days.


After what time can I withdraw my profit?
You can get the profit at any time that convenient for you, but only after the profit is accrued on the balance in your personal account. This can be as soon as after 1 day only.
Is there a limit on the amount that I can withdraw?
Yes, there is. The minimum amount to withdraw is $0.1 for Perfect Money & Payeer and $1 for Bitcoin.
How fast will my withdrawal be processed.
Withdrawals will be processed as soon as possible. In most cases it will be instantly. We have built an algorithm that detects fraud and it may have detect your account wrongly. Please contact us if this is the case.


What kind of reward will I get for the invited participant?
You will get a 20% commission.
Are there any restrictions on the number of invited participants?
There are no restrictions.
Can I get my partner reward without opening a deposit?
Yes, you can.
Is it possible to change the person who invited me in my personal account?
If you opened a deposit, the participant, who had invited you, will immediately receive your reward, that’s why you cannot cancel this action. If the deposit isn’t open, please contact support center in order to change the person who had invited you.
Is it necessary for me to invite other participants?
Participation in the affiliate program is not necessary.
Why do I need banners?
For placing media advertising on your referral link on your site or other Internet resources.

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